Many poets today draw from traumatic experiences, tragic emotional upbringing or racial injustice. I did not have a terrible childhood. I wasn’t in a gang, my parents stayed married late in their years. It was about three years ago that the spirits awakened me between midnight and two or three in the morning. I would wake up suddenly with an intense drive to write and create poems.

I began to meditate and put myself into an inner spiritual state before writing. I saw glimpses of different personalities. I saw my years as a a knight from medieval times, an 18th century pirate and a 19th century American Indian. From this newly discovered past, I wrote in the present, what my spirits deeply felt. Their voices and visions were transformed into my conscious as I wrote to express their love and madness.

What makes me and my poetry unique, intriguing and captivating:
I write from two main characters and personalities, Apollo Greek God and Black Pirate,
a romantic from mid 18th century in the mist of embattled times and past lives experiences.
I am passionate about my ideas and principles; and I am genuine in my warmth and affection towards others.
These two concepts are illustrated well in Love and Madness, as The Night Poet gives an honest and passionate perspective on how love can lift you to heights unimaginable, or to depths
unfathomable. My poetry moves the reader.

What separates my art and poetry from others.

My art is unique in that it is not just a photo reproduced in pencil, paint or other media as most sports are is today and has been for years.
Rather it is not a reproduction of a player or event. It is a type of historical painting that was traditionally regarded as the highest form of Western painting, occupying the most prestigious place in the hierarchy of genres, and considered the equivalent to the epic in literature. In 1436, Leon Battista Alberti (Renaissance humanist polymath) had argued that multi-figure history painting was the noblest form of art, as being the most difficult, which required mastery of all the others, because it was a visual form of history, and because it had the greatest potential to move the viewer. He placed emphasis on the ability to depict the interactions between the figures by gesture and expression. To this ideal I have added the elements of surrealism. Surrealism is defined as a 20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images. The combination of historic painting and surrealism makes my art stand apart from the others immediately recognizably unique and intriguing.