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selfMany people that write poetry today draw from their traumatic experiences, tragic emotional upbringing or racial and political injustice. He didn’t have a terrible childhood. He wasn’t in a gang. He came close growing up in a very rough part of Chicago’s south side. He saw gang wars and subjected to intimidation tactics by the black, Puerto Rican and white gang members in school. His source and reference points are very different. He believes in reincarnation, spirits and that everything is energy. In college, he began reading books by Carlos Castaneda, Richard Bach, Joseph Campbell, philosophers and mystic writers.
He opposed violence after his experience in the south side. In 1992 he participated in conflict mediation training in Los Angeles and Orange County schools. In San Clemente and South Orange County, he worked with parents and several gang members to see another way of resolving the conflict. He shared his ideas and perspective as a Latino born in Mexico and grew up on the south side. His work allowed him to script and produce two videos for the Santa Ana School District. The Stay in School video featured the actor Edward James Olmos. A strong advocate for the Latino community. His second video, Parent Teacher’s Conference featuredRosanna DeSoto. She played the part of Jaime Escalante’s wife in the movie, Stand and Deliver with Edward James Olmos.

His life began to take a significant turn in 1995 when he chose to live his life from a possibility, “The Full Possibility Of Love Expressed.” He began to draw inspiration from Love! A commitment to expressing love in the face of negative choices, cynicism, and criticism. As the years passed, little by little, he began letting go of anger, lack of compassion and egotism. Discovering the power and freedom of forgiveness, he made a list of people that inflicted physical and emotional pain upon him. He forgave them all including those desist. Mr. Vargas studied art history. His favorites were the romantic periods like the Reinsurance, Baroque, Impressionism, and Surrealism. From the age of seven, his father recited poetry as he walked around the house and listened to classical music. From a very early age, music, art, and history added a great deal to his subconscious that would forge a strong bond with his romantic poetry.

It was about three years ago around midnight that spirits came to wake him up. It began with a couple of time per week. Then the minds woke him several more times between midnight and two or three in the morning. He would wake up suddenly with an intense drive to write and create. Mr. Vargas didn’t have any formal training nor took writing classes. He sat in a dimly light room, closed his eyes and begin listening to his spiritual inner voices. They filled him with deep romantic emotion. Their words started flowing through his hands while his pen wrote words and phrases as they spoke. Discovering the unknown from centuries past was now being expressed. The emotion was very intense and overwhelming. Some painful, others so profoundly spiritual that they often brought him to tears. Digging deeper into the spirits past, he began to meditate and put himself into an inner mental meditative state. He saw glimpses of his years as a knight from the 10th-century, an 18th-century pirate, and a 19th-century American Indian. From this newly discovered past, he wrote what his spirits deeply felt. Their voices and visions filled his consciousness thereby creating a space of combined love and madness. The book of creating love, loves lost and love remembered.